Dr Sentama Ezechiel

Name:Dr Sentama Ezechiel


Email: e.sentama@ur.ac.rw

Dr Ezechiel Sentama is a Rwandan by nationality. He holds a Ph.D in Peace and Development Research from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden in 2009. His published Ph.D thesis was on “Peacebuilding in Post-Genocide Rwanda: the role of Cooperatives in the restoration of interpersonal relationships”. Ezechiel also holds a Masters degree in Administration from the University of the Western Cape.Ezechiel is a permanent lecturer of the University of Rwanda since 2000 up to present. He has taught in the department of Political science since 2000, and is now a lecturer and researcher in the Centre for Conflict Management of the University of Rwanda.


At Masters level, Ezechiel teaches the following courses/modules:
- Leadership, Command and Management
- Introduction to Peace, Conflict, Security and Development
- Introduction to Conflict Resolution, Peace keeping operations and Peacebuilding
At undergraduate level, Ezechiel teaches the following courses/Modules:
- Gender and development
- Principles of Management
- Physical planning
- Rural economy and Cooperatives management
- Rural development
- History of political thoughts and social theory


Ezechiel participated in various trainings on Peacebuilding and Genocide notably in the Institute of Peacebuilding and Development (American University, USA) Sweden and Denmark, and participated and presented in conferences on peace, conflict and development notably in the USA, Denmark, Macedonia, Sweden, Ghana, Republic of South Africa, Rwanda, Philippines, etc.

Ezechiel is also a researcher and consultant in the fields of peace, conflict, security, and development. Currently, Ezechiel, together with researchers from Sweden, Macedonia and SriLanka, form a team of researchers conducting a 3 years research project on Peace education in three cases: Rwanda, Israeli-Palestine, and Macedonia.
Ezechiel conducted researches and has made the following publications:
- Sentama Ezechiel (2012). Reconciling the Divides through Contact? Book published by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. Saarbrucken, Germany. ISBN 978-3-8473-3375-3, 368 Pages
- Sentama Ezechiel (2009). Peace building in Post-Genocide Rwanda: The role of cooperatives in the restoration of interpersonal relationships, Gothenburg University, Sweden. Published Ph.D Thesis. ISBN: 978-91-628-7973-0, 223 pages.
- Sentama Ezechiel (2013). Service Delivery and the living conditions of Historically Marginalized people in Nyaruguru district, Rwanda. Funded by European union, June.
- Sentama Ezechiel (2014). Ubudehe categorization and its impact on citizen’ living conditions in Rwanda. Rwanda Civil society Platform, Kigali, February, 2014
- Sentama Ezechiel (2014). Service delivery and citizens’ Concerns: A gender and poverty perspectives’ oriented districts plans-Case of Rwamagana, Nyagatare, Ruhango and Rubavu districts. Rwanda Civil Society Platform, Kigali, 2014
- Sentama Ezechiel (2011). Organization and Legal framework of the 2010 Presidential elections in Rwanda, Ed. National University of Rwanda, 2011, p. 13-37.
- Sentama Ezechiel (2011). Gacaca et la révélation de la vérité après le génocide de 1994 au Rwanda. In « Evaluation du Processus des Juridictions gacaca ». Editions de l’Université Nationale du Rwanda, p. 151-176.
- Sentama Ezechiel (2011) Gacaca et la réconciliation après le génocide de 1994 au Rwanda. In « Evaluation du Processus des Juridictions gacaca ». Editions de l’Université Nationale du Rwanda, p. 178-193.
- Sentama Ezechiel (2004). The Role of Non Governmental Organizations in Poverty reduction in Rwanda: a Case of Butare Province, Rwanda. Research Commission: Ed. University of Rwanda.


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