Elly Musafiri

Name:Elly Musafiri


Tel: 250788358289
Email: e.musafiri@ur.ac.rw

He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Security and Peacebuilding from the United Nations mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica in partnership with the University of California Bekerly , USA, 2011 and MA in Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development from the United Nations mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica – Latin America, 2011. Also holds BA in Social Work from the University of Rwanda, obtained in 2006. He is a researcher at the Center for Conflict Management (CCM) and a lecturer at the School of Social, Political and Administrative Sciences of the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) at the University of Rwanda
Areas of research interest:
Researcher, Lecturer
- Musafiri, E. (2015). La recherche-action avec le Student’s Club for Unity and Reconciliation in Citoyenneté et réconciliation au Rwanda, Geneva : Haute ecole de travail social, (pp.112-124) – ISBN 978-2-88224-141-2, ISSN 1663-697x
- Musafiri, E. (2012). Sustainable Economic Development: Perspectives and Dimensions. Saarbrücken: Lambart Academic Publishing. (ISBN 978-3-659-17988-4)-Available on amazon.com
- Musafiri, E. (2013). Greening the environment: A Road to Achieving MDG 7 in Sub-Saharan Africa. Washington: Science Journal of Environnemental Engineering Research
- Musafiri, E. & Vat Kamatsiko (2012). Journaling for Peace: Children's energetic Voices on Peace, Conflict and Peace building. Funded by World Vision Rwanda Program. Nairobi: World Vision (ISBN 978-0-918261-34-2)
- Musafiri, E. (2013). Curbing down Genocide Ideology: Rwanda’s experiences and External Conspiracy. Kigali: IPN. Dialogue No 24, November2013 (ISSN 0257-0017)
- Musafiri, E. (2013). Building ideas of peace and security in the educated youth for a sustainable future: a case of youth students at Umutara Polytechnic Institute and Rukara College in Rwanda. New Delhi: Prime Journal of Social Science
- Musafiri, E. (2012). The Role of the Rwandan Army in Fighting Genocide Negationism. Kigali: IPN. Dialogue No 20, May 2012 (ISSN 0257-0017)
- Development in post-conflict societies
- Social work and community development
- Environmental security and development
- Sustainable development
- NGOs and Development
- Gender and Development
- Conflict resolution in post-conflict societies
- Security Sector reform
- Peace keeping and peace enforcement
- Reconciliation and reconstruction in post-conflict societies
- Itorero: contributing to Conflict Transformation
- Genocide in former prefectures of Gikongoro and Butare
Other activities:
Deputy Team Leader for Peace, Conflict and Development Studies – UR/Sweden Project