Furaha Umutoni Alida

Name:Furaha Umutoni Alida

Position: Researcher

Email: furahaalida@gmail.com

FURAHA UMUTONI Alida is a Researcher at the Center for Conflict Management, College of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Rwanda. She is currently a PhD candidate in Peace and Development Studies, School of Global Studies, at the University of Gothenburg. She holds a Bachelor degree in Law and a Master degree in Human Rights and she is active in the field of women and children rights. She has worked with the Rwanda National Commission of Human rights, the Association HAGURUKA (defending and promoting the rights of women and children) and RCN Justice & Démocratie, a Belgian organization based in Rwanda. Her researcher interests are in Identity studies, Conflict in the Great Lakes Region, Human Rights, Peace and Security and Security System reform.
Areas of research interest:
Identity, conflict, peace, security, human rights, Great Lakes Region.
- Furaha Umutoni Alida (2014). ‘Do they fight for us’? Mixed discourses of conflict and the M23 rebellion among Congolese Rwandophone refugees in Rwanda, African Security, 7, 2:71-90.
- Furaha Umutoni Alida (forthcoming).“Where do we belong?” Identity and autochthony discourse among Rwandophone Congolese, in African Identities
- Furaha Umutoni Alida & al. (2013). Community dialogue for peace, Peace and Conflict Management Review, 2(2), Article 1.
-Furaha Umutoni Alida and Francois Masabo (2011). An assessment of electoral Processes and Procedures in Rwanda. The 2010 Presidential Elections, éditions de l’Université Nationale du Rwanda.
-Furaha Umutoni Alida (2008). Les causes de la crise actuelle à l’Est de la République Démocratique du Congo: Etat des lieux, Journal of Conflict and Peace Studies, 1(1): 52-77, Article 6. Online 2012
Currently on study leave