MA in Peace and Conflict Transformation

The African Great Lakes Region is victim of socio-ethnic and political upheavals and conflicts that have been undermining peace processes and development initiatives within the respective communities. Rwanda is as one epicentre of the instability prevailing within the African Great Lakes Region. The long term vision of the program is to provide students with the analytical and methodological tools that can contribute to build capacities that can make this region safer and peaceful. The Centre for Conflict Management (CCM) of the University of Rwanda embarks on regional policy programs especially in the fields of peace and conflict resolution.
The Master’s Program in Peace Studies and Conflict transformation came to support academicians; stakeholders and other decision makers in the areas of Peace, Conflict and Development to get useful knowledge in order to fully accomplish their tasks of making the Region safer. The Program also attract different beneficiaries from the Great Lakes Region, Africa and worldwide to catalyse peace building initiatives and development capacities within their communities and countries. The taught modules also stress topics like prospects for peace, co-existence and co-operation between peoples on top of the regular curriculum. The fact that students from the region study together on an equal basis and mutual respect with foreign countries is in itself a potential catalyst for future peace building


MA Degree

1. Introduction to the field of peace and development Research Methods in Social Sciences
2. Global systems
3. Research Methodology
4. Understanding conflicts
5. Economic policies, poverty and natural resources in conflict
6. Conflict Resolution and Peace building
7. Reconciliation and justice: theories and practices
8. Project design, management and evaluation
9. Thesis
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